a salute…

24 08 2009

this is a final salute to our general…. and my friend. zipper1009(87 david 87) (coolboy0) all the same penguin now known as zipper was a fun loveing penguin who enjoyed long walks on the beach and a good game of hockey. me, ice boy 60 and zipper came up with this army idea a long time ago and thanks to all of our *super duper troops* XD! who made this army possible. zipp will still visit the chat and mabey make a comment or 2 but his days with this army are over. so what i am saying is GOOD BYE ZIPPER!

~ice boy 60




4 responses

24 08 2009
zipper 1009


25 08 2009

Zipper you cant leave!! 😦 😦 Well WE NEED YOU IN BATTLES SO COME ON!!

4 09 2009

goodbye zipper it has been a great honor 2 fight along side with u

26 09 2009

bye bye old friend!!!!!!!! I am speaking for the whole army when i say this… it was a honor to fight along side with u and we all aperciate wat u have done for this army!!! farewell!

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