a new army

29 09 2009

hello this is ice boy 60 telling you about a new army i made call the bananas of cp (dont worry rcp is not over) but i made a new army and need people to join (this will become my main army) go there now to join first to join get the best ranks!

here is the link http://bananasofclubpenguin.wordpress.com


new leader

27 09 2009

hello. this is ice boy 60 i am making skito36 the new rcp leader until i can get on cp again. skito i will send an email to you (please answere) giving u control of the site

im so sorry

18 09 2009

hello soilders i know you are mad that i didnt post but thats only becuz i wasnt able to use my computer becuz it was broken im so sorry

ok election results.

17 09 2009

maine wins….