26 10 2009

hey guys its  ice! we have been reallly inactive and lazy lately i think we should have an active count. if you are ative comment! you have about a week to comment also if i think we do good in activness we will have a recruiting party!

this is very important that you comment, if you dont you could be kicked off the army or lowered in rank.



Sorry guys

21 10 2009

sorry guys i wasnt on bc i got grounded and idk y tho! ok but i’ll be back on now and ice boy we need 2 get a pb or somthing ok?



17 10 2009

skito? are you active? if not there will be a demotion going on! and sparky where ever you are you are suposed to be a leader here now find the email i sent you and start making posts!

im back!

17 10 2009

hey rcp ice boy 60, me i am back cp is working for me again!

i hope you are still active.

we will be finding war soon!

I made An Army

1 10 2009

ok the army i made is called the Uber Gangsters of Club Penguin

here’s the link: i want u guys 2 join plz

My Swearimg in Speech

1 10 2009

i solomnly swear to do the best i can in our hour of need as one of our great generals cant get on cp and to  try 2 b the best general i can be!!!