leader: ice boy 60 & skito 36

co leader:     yungtj83, Ibk42396

__________Owner line_______

colonels:   Patisdabst, alec14048, Skito36 , Nugettsrule2, coolkid4040, Maine 06, Mixingred, Juvenile999, Alimim, Hero981, Maxthepen, Indigoflare, brifcore, 100sparky100,

_________  MOD LINE____________

Lt. Colonel : rockangelz2, Timandnat, Dave6961, Commando993, Cowbay 2, Mott752, Monkeybandiz, Macoman26s, Ice Pop15, Dywa1, Bbbbrrrr, Ss Go Away,
Majors: nb 45, act 723, steven 45678, mudbrownie09, lilsosa, Snoglen

captins: superpants3, Toozac, 20reanactor, justredman, 2seahorse7, star900,Luciiee(flippa459)

lieutenants: john 16126, cane y2j, minnie1705, kingblackeye, Ziggy80680, Lil Deuce 62,

warrant officers: Cali Dude19, Masrerblue, Streamsong13, Mg Dog, Uss Arizona1, Duck Man2000, AwsomeTK90, Gumdrop4377, Hasanb123, Urica, Aan10, Andrew 24, Alighf, Comperter, Fizell, Righty Red, Papermario97, Maxwell43,



 member count – 64


18 responses

23 04 2009

if i make the army what rank would i be?

30 05 2009

hey skito youre on my army too? cool so do you want a higher rank in the army?

25 06 2009

yes plz

iceboy- i dont think so

12 07 2009


15 05 2009

yo thanks ice boy 60 or coolboy0 for letting me be part of this idk if i’ll be able to allie tomorrowthogh, i’ll try but cant garenty :(. I can garenty i’ll be at the next battle:)

16 05 2009

How do I earn Medals????

By going to battles and sucking up to the generals on our chat

17 05 2009

ill do it!

25 05 2009


27 05 2009

i was wondering if you could mearge into my army CPMA here is our site we have 36 troops and 10 active http://www.cpmoosearmy.wordpress.com


2 06 2009

I’d Like you guys to merge with AT New Medium army 15 active

2 06 2009

I have just noticed the moose army is gonna take over yukon!!! If i were a geneaeral i would send out minutemen right away

18 06 2009

warrior is a part of rcp right?

18 06 2009

he said im part of rcp on cp

21 07 2009

Zipper 1009, remember how you joined my army about a month ago? And you asked tom merge, well can you please check the CPF’s website often? If i’m asking to much than i’m srry. Thanks, Zelmania

22 08 2009

its sss go away u have ss go away!

4 09 2009

dude i have a web site (worldwideawsomegames.webs.com) should i put a link to here on tht?

nvm i just will

22 09 2009

ahh wat ev… i just will
p.s. vist it!!!!
p.s.s tyvm for making me a co-leader, y didnt u put me up on co-leader line???? oh ya catherkid9 tyvm for helping me on ?
‘by going to battles and sucking to the generals on the chat’ lmao. tyvm

25 11 2009
Rock anglz2♥s sum1

hey , i cant wait 4 battle

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